COVID-19 Statement

Protecting the health of our residents and associates is our highest priority. As such, we are following the recommended guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and various state a local agencies providing local and state specific guidance. As part of the protection of residents and associates, the following are included in our current practices:


·       We have stopped all non-essential visitation. Only essential partners and healthcare workers can enter the community after they have passed the screening procedures.


·       All packages and supplies being delivered by family members must be placed in the plastic container by the front entrance. Associates check the delivery container often and will disinfect and deliver the items as appropriate.


·       Communal, group gatherings have stopped.


·       We are updating our Facebook page on a regular basis with regards to changes in protocol, as well as sharing the good things happening in our communities.


·       We have expanded our regular screening of residents to include both temperatures and pulse oxygen readings.


·       New residents moving into the community are screened and quarantined per (CDC) and state guidelines.


·       We are rescheduling non-emergency medical appointments.


·       We are routinely wiping down the community common areas and high-touch areas.


·       Community inventory of supplies is being documented and monitored.


·       Associates exhibiting symptoms or that have had known contact with an infected person are to stay home for a period of 14-days or until a negative test result is obtained. Associates are permitted to use available paid-time-off as appropriate.


·       We will continue to participate in national, state and local agency calls and company training calls as they are scheduled. Education and training will be provided as updates occur.


We thank you for your assistance and participation in taking precautionary measures for our residents and associates, as well as yourself.